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"A mind unruffled by the ups and downs of this world,
from sorrow freed,
from defilements cleansed,
from fear liberated —
this is the greatest blessing.

Welcome! My name is Win.

I am here, as a friend, a companion and a teacher, to guide you with Samatha (concentration) and Vipassana (insight-based) meditation. I was trained under the Pa-Auk tradition for more than 2 years, and the teachings I provide from developing concentration (samādhi), the discernment of materiality and mentality (rūpa and nāma) to insight meditation (vipassanā) are based on the Visuddhimagga, Paṭisambhidhāmagga, Abhidhamma, Pali Canon and the commentaries.

Everybody is different and so I offer instruction that fits each student’s unique circumstances. If you are someone with a strong desire to follow the eightfold noble path, let's get to know each other online and see how I can best support you. I also suggest you to read about what I teach so that I fit your meditation goals and needs.

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Read more about what I teach and how I guide so that I fit your requirements and meditation goals.

If you are a first-time meditator, an advanced practitioner or simply just want to learn more about meditation, I'm happy to chat with you online to better understand you and how I can support you. All my guidance will be tailored to your specific needs.

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Ebooks, dhamma talks and videos that will help you tremendously on your journey on the noble eightfold path.

All the teaching and guidance are offered on donation basis without any fees involved because I believe in making Dhamma accessible to everyone. But if you love what I do and would like to support me so that I can sustain my work in the long-term, you can find out ways that you can lend your support.

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