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Whether you're new to meditation, a regular practitioner, unsure about your own practice or interested in following the noble eightfold path, I'm excited to meet you and provide one-on-one instructions. My goal is to offer clear and comprehensive guidance, understanding your situation fully, so that your practice on the noble eightfold path becomes clear, effective, and beneficial. I highly advise you to read more about what I teach first before you book so that my teachings align with your meditation goals and requirements. Please note that I will not be able to give you guidance on contemporary or non-Buddhist meditation techniques that do not align with the Buddha's teachings and Theravada texts. 

Ideally, you must be a diligent practitioner with an affinity for the Theravada tradition, capable of adhering to consistent practice, and have a strong desire to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. Given my commitment to supporting diligent practitioners both online and offline, please understand that I am unable to guide individuals who do not prioritise diligent practice or lack the intention to follow the Theravada tradition. It's also important to note that the guidance I provide is not oriented toward momentary benefits of mindfulness and meditation, such as stress relief, improved productivity, better health, etc. The focus is on guiding practitioners toward a deep and profound practice, leading to the complete realisation of the Four Noble Truths in alignment with Theravada texts such as the Visuddhimagga, Abhidhamma, Pali Canon, and commentaries. Both the guidance and practice are firmly grounded in traditional Theravada approaches.

If these conditions align with your preferences, I'm more than happy to meet with you to discuss your practice further.

Generally, my teaching primarily takes place online via Zoom but if you happen to be in my area, then I am happy to meet you and give you guidance in person. In order to get to know you better, first-time meeting slots generally take around 30mins to discuss your meditation background and your progress, what issues you are facing currently and how I can best support you. At the end of the initial conversation, I can provide you with meditation instructions that will best suit your current situation. This will be followed along by regular meditation check-ins until progress with your meditation is well-established and satisfied. Rest assured that I will be with you as your friend, teacher and guide in every step of your meditation journey, supporting you until you attain a profound understanding of the Four Noble Truths. 

Dhamma is priceless and beyond measure. As such, I am happy to let you know that all of my guidance and sessions are available without any fees or charges, and on donation basis only so that everyone from everywhere can receive the guidance they need. If my teachings and guidance benefit you, I invite you to explore various ways in which you can lend support to my work by visiting the Support page.




Reserved for regular students to discuss their meditation practice.

If you cannot find available times,

please consider joining group interview sessions instead.

Ovāda (Guidance) for the month: On Paramī – READ


Please ONLY book a first-time meeting session since I will need to reassess your meditation practice (unless you're on a retreat).

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These sessions are not just about answering your questions; they're an opportunity to gain new insights and experiences from your fellow meditators. Group interview sessions typically run for one hour or until all questions have been addressed. By staying connected with your fellow meditators, you can cultivate a strong sense of commitment and receive ongoing support, which will strengthen your consistency, motivation and deepen your practice. These sessions are reserved for regular students only. If you have never discussed your practice with me before, please book a first-meeting session before joining.




We’ll gather for a 45-minute silent meditation session, during which each of us will practice individually, virtually. Afterwards, we’ll transition into an open group Q&A/interview session, which will run for one hour. However, participants are free to leave before the Q&A session concludes if needed. At the end of each group interview, we’ll engage in a brief mettā session and share merits. Since these sessions run every last Sunday of the month, group interview sessions on those days will be substituted with this event.

Ongoing students of Win or Beth can participate in meditation and seek guidance during the session. Newcomers are encouraged to reach out to me to better understand you and your practice for better support before joining the Q&A session.

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Sandiṭṭhika will be situated on a beautiful land in GranadaSpain, serving as a fully donation-based ecological retreat centre and representing the next phase in the development of the expanding Dhamma and meditation community. Sandiṭṭhika invites individuals of all levels of meditation experience to participate in the community.

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