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Dhamma is invaluable and beyond measure, as its teachings offer insights and wisdom that can bring lasting peace, joy, insight and equanimity to one's life. Its value cannot be quantified by any means. I have been offered the gift of Dhamma free of charge and as such, I offer my time and teachings as a gift and refuse to charge anyone for my teachings and sharing the Dhamma.

However, if you appreciate the work that I am doing and would like to support me, I am open to receiving support of any form either financially or non-financially, and it will go towards helping me continuing to share Dhamma to the world. If you choose to support me financially, any donation, regardless of its size, will go a long way in helping me cover the costs associated to sustain and improve my work of teaching and sharing Dhamma for everyone in the long run. I invite you to donate an amount that not only acknowledges the worth of my work but also honours your own well-being.


Nonetheless, I believe in making valuable Dhamma knowledge accessible to everyone, irrespective of your contribution. Your journey on the noble eightfold path and your path towards liberation from suffering will never be conditional upon any form of contribution.

Through my work, I hope all the practitioners can fulfil the perfections (paramī) of: generosity (dāna), morality (sīla), renunciation (nekhamma), wisdom (paññā), effort (viriya), patience (khanti), truthfulness (saccā), resolution (adhiṭṭhāna), loving-kindness (mettā), and equanimity (upekkhā).

Non-financial Support

I'm more than happy to receive any form of support that will help me accomplish and sustain my work of sharing Dhamma with the world. 

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Contact me so that we can find out ways to best support each other.

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